Something new.

So, what made me decide to start writing a blog? well, I honestly have no clue.

I’m the type of person who listens strongly to their intuition. Plus, I’ve been having this weird/strange urge to start something new whether it be buying a new video game, working out, or as just now ended up creating a blog, which just about 2 hours ago I had no idea on earth what I was doing but I winged it, just like how I pretty much do everything else.

I do hope doing this will be a new way of expressing my thoughts and who knows maybe find out things about myself that I don’t even know?.

When frustrated or confused I tend to talk to myself or become extremely moody, when I become moody its like this subconscience thing going on to where I will continue to feel confused and so forth until I figure out exactly what I’m trying to tell myself! but now being able to write down my thoughts and etc maybe, just maybe you’ll understand me better than I understand myself.


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