Where can I call “home”?

Its said that “home” is wherever your family and friends are or another saying, wherever you take your shoes off at night but being the daughter of a family that never settles down, always moving around the world just to make a living because nowadays getting a job or a decent one at least, is way, way much harder now than it use to be.

Let me list the places I’ve lived in.

  1. Kuwait
  2. United states of America
  3. Brazil
  4. Saudi Arabia
  5. Philippines ( vacations )

The total amount of time I’ve spent outside of the U.S ( living wise ) I’d say is about 15 years and a half but I’ve always yearned to be back “home” which is America by the way.

Meeting different types of people from all over the world and experiencing their cultures, it certainly amazes me how I could be standing with 3 people who are culturally opposites from one another in a group and, how I normally pronounce a word could be totally different between these 3 people, and no matter how different we are, we still have that… I don’t know the word for it but, my point is we are all human and that’ll never change.

I have friends from India, Egypt, Saudi, Kuwait, Philippines, Indonesia, Lebanon, America, and some European countries, they are wonderful people, the way they grew up is very different from mine but their kindness, friendliness is what attracts me into giving effort to establish a real friendship. Nowadays, “race” has become a very trendy topic, a very sensitive topic as well but, my conclusion about this huge race division going on is, there are good and bad people no matter where you go, from China to Timbuktu, race doesn’t matter it’s the heart and mind of the people we meet if they’ll be kind, it all depends on their environment and how they were raised so before judging a race don’t compare it to “One bad apple can spoil the bunch.”

Home is such a foreign word to me, but maybe I don’t have a specific home. Maybe, “home” isn’t where my old house is where I grew up yearning/crying almost every night for. Maybe, home is every place I ever made a genuine relationship with a person is. Every place that made me feel as if nothing could ruin my night. Every place with someone I love and care for.

Home is too little of a word for me.


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